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Chat Spam Protection

To ensure a positive end-user experience, it's essential to mitigate spam and protect users from chat spam and notify spam. This document outlines the measures taken to prevent spam and maintain a high-quality experience for end-users.

Note, wallets implementing this SDK have the ability to expand on this protection due to the customizability of the SDK. An example of this is Web3Inbox Spam Protection.

Innate Passive Protection

These spam protection come prepackaged with the Chat SDK and require no additional configuration.

Invite Protection

  1. Cannot re-invite a peer who already declined an invite: The SDK maintains state and prevents inviting a peer who exists in the sentInvites store.
  2. Invite messages are limited to 200 characters to prevent spammers sending invites with spam content.

Message Protection

  1. The SDK prevents absurdly long messages, with a character limit of 2000 characters per message.

User-triggered Protection

These spam protections come prepackaged with the Chat SDK but require action by the end user.

Thread Protection

  1. A user can leave a thread at anytime, effectively "blocking" a peer using the leave function. This works inherently because of the above innate invite protection. For example, if a peer was compromised and began sending spam messages, one could immediately block them.