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Chat Invite

User Flow

Once A has knowledge of the peer B's public key it can invite into a chat thread and with the following flow initiate a conversation:

  1. A sends an invite to B's public key and adds an opening message
  2. B receives the chat invite with an opening message
  3. B accepts the chat invite and the thread is created
  4. A receives notification the chat was accepted and created

Now both A and B can exchange messages in the newly created chat thread

Invite Protocol

A retrieves the public key associated with B's blockchain account, publicKey X. A generates a keyPair Y to encrypt the invite with derived DH symKey I. A sends invite encrypted with type 1 envelope to the invite topic including publicKey Y.

Invite topic is derived as the hash of the publicKey X.

B decrypts type 1 envelope with the privateKey X and publicKey Y and deriving DH symKey I. B accepts the invite and generates a keyPair Z for chat thread. B sends response with publicKey Z on response topic encrypted with type 0 envelope.

Response topic is derived as the hash of the symKey I.

B derives symKey T using publicKey Y and privKey Z.

Thread topic is derived as the hash of the symKey T.

A receives response which includes publicKey Z. A derives symKey T using privKey Y and publicKey Z.

A and B both subscribe to thread topic and encrypt messages with symKey T.

Multiclient environment

The protocol above depict high overview of the encryption required for ensuring encrypted chat between A and B. To ensure that all devices that are being used by A and B they need to extend the protocol as described in Invite Protocol in multiclient environment