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Pairing API

abstract class PairingClient {
// ---------- Methods ----------------------------------------------- //

// initializes the client with persisted storage and a network connection
public abstract init(params: { metadata: Metadata}): Promise<void>;

// for responder to pair a pairing created by a proposer
public abstract pair(params: { uri: string }): Promise<Sequence>;

// for proposer to create inactive pairing
public abstract create(): Promise<{ uri: string }>;

// for either to activate a previously created pairing
public abstract activate(params: { topic: string }): Promise<void>;

// for both to subscribe on methods requests
public abstract register(params: { methods: string[], type: ProtocolType }): Promise<void>;

// for either to update the expiry of an existing pairing.
public abstract updateExpiry(params: { topic: string, expiry: number }): Promise<void>;

// for either to update the metadata of an existing pairing.
public abstract updateMetadata(params: { topic: string, metadata: Metadata }): Promise<void>;

// query pairings
public abstract getPairings(): Promise<Array<Pairing>>;

// for either to ping a peer
public abstract ping(params: { topic: string; }): Promise<void>;

// for either peer to disconnect a pairing
public abstract disconnect(params: { topic: string }): Promise<void>;

// ---------- Events ----------------------------------------------- //

// emits on subscribed request
public abstract onRequest(${registered_request}, (topic: string, request: Request) => {}): void;