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Data Structures


Metadata is a set of parameters used to identify each participant in a pairing which are provided by the consumer for the client to broadcast to its peer

"name": string,
"description": string,
"url": string,
"icons": [string],
"verifyUrl": string, // Optional
"redirect": { // Optional
"native": string, // Optional
"universal": string, // Optional


Pairing is a topic encrypted by a symmetric key shared through a URI between two clients with the sole purpose of communicating session proposals

"topic": string,
"relay": {
"protocol": string,
"data": string
"peerMetadata": Metadata,
"expiry": Int64,
"active": boolean

Error Response

interface ErrorResponse {
id: number;
error: {
code: number;
message: string;


Relay is defined by the transport protocol used for the two clients to publish and subscribe messages between each other.

"protocol": string,
"data": string, // optional

Protocol Types

 const ProtocolType = {
Sign: "sign",
Auth: "auth",
Chat: "chat",
Push: "push"