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RPC Methods

This doc should be used as a source-of-truth and reflect the latest decisions and changes applied to the WalletConnect collection of client-to-client JSON-RPC methods for all platforms SDKs.


  • Nullables: Fields flagged as Optional can be omitted from the payload.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned that a response requires associated data, all methods response's follow a default JSON-RPC pattern for the success and failure cases:
// Success
result: true

// Failure
error: {
"code": number,
"message": string



Used to request authentication signature to a peer through topic P. Response is expected on topic R with shared symKey.

Parameters for request and response are compliant with CAIP-74 (aka CACAO)

  • Success response is equivalent to authentication acceptance.
  • Error response is equivalent to authentication rejection.

Param Expiry is an optional Unix timestamp. Sets the time until which the responder can respond to this request. If request is expired responder should respond with a specific error code.

If this parameter is not specified, the request is considered indefinite.

Expiry validation

Expiry should be between .now() + MIN_INTERVAL and .now() + MAX_INTERVAL where:

  • MIN_INTERVAL is 300 (5 mins)
  • MAX_INTERVAL is 604800 (7 days)

If expiry validation failed wallet should respond with .sessionRequestExpired (code 8000) error

TTL extension

When DApp is setting expiry params, client should insure that Relay Publish payload method ttl fit expiry value. Otherwise request ttl must be increased by the required value. Check Relay Publish payload method


// wc_authRequest params
"requester": {
"publicKey": string,
"metadata": Metadata
"payloadParams": PayloadParams,
"expiry": number // optional

| IRN | |
| ------- | -------- |
| TTL | 86400 |
| Tag | 3000 |


// Success result
"h": CacaoHeader,
"p": CacaoPayload,
"s": CacaoSignature

| IRN | |
| ------- | -------- |
| TTL | 86400 |
| Tag | 3001 |