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Client API

abstract class Client {
// ---------- Methods ----------------------------------------------- //

// initializes the client with persisted storage and a network connection
public abstract init(): Promise<void>;

// request wallet authentication
public abstract request(params: RequestParams, topic: string): Promise<{ uri, id }>;

// respond wallet authentication
public abstract respond(params: RespondParams, iss: string): Promise<boolean>;

// query all pending requests
public abstract getPendingRequests(): Promise<Record<number, PendingRequest>>;

// format payload to message string
public abstract formatMessage(payload: PayloadParams, iss: string): Promise<string>;

// ---------- Events ----------------------------------------------- //

// subscribe to auth response
public abstract on("auth_response", (response: Response) => {}): void;

// for wallet to listen on auth request
public abstract on("auth_request", (id: number, pairingTopic: String, payload: PayloadParams, verifyContext: VerifyContext) => {}): void;